Reiki Healing Session Overview

A typical and pure Usui Reiki treatment and healing session may vary from one practitioner to another for a variety of reasons. However, we at The Reiki Expert™ generally conduct our pure and traditional Usui Reiki treatment and healing sessions using the 'components' as 'outlined' below for a 'full-length' session.

  1. Initial safety steps at check-in (scanning forehead for temperature using infrared thermometer, washing hands with soap for 30 seconds, leaving belongings outside the healing space, ensuring facial masks, checking for any noticeable or concerning health conditions, etc.)

  2. Intake (registration forms and health/medical history for the new clients, special needs, any changes/update from last visit for the current clients, etc.)

  3. Setting at ease, session overview, and comfortably settling on a heavily cushioned massage table.

  4. Initial preparation for personal comfort (offer and use pillow, light blanket, knee support, relaxing music and fragrance, dimming lights, etc.)

  5. Initial meditations (e.g. Gassho and Reiji-Ho), body scanning (e.g. Chiryo), Reiki healing as intuitively needed OR on 24 (or 26) specific energy points on the body.

  6. Session notes, feedback (experiences), and session specific Q/A, clarifications.

  7. Any specific recommendations to expedite, enhance, and internalize healing benefits.

  8. 'Gratitude' prayer and closure.

  9. Scheduling the next session(s) if needed.

In case of a multi-modal treatment and healing session, step 5 will be customized and adjusted to include other haling modalities (briefly discussed in our page Reiki With 'Other' Modalities) tailored to your specific healing needs, benefits, and outcomes and discussed with you in advance.

Contact us today if you are interested in scheduling a treatment and healing session for your specific health condition, illness, etc., or, your stress reduction and overall well-being.