What Reiki is 'Not'

While Reiki is still becoming mainstream treatment and healing modality, it seems there are some misconception, misunderstanding, or misinformation about Reiki. To help you avoid the key ones, here's a short list of our 'top 10'.

Reiki is:

  1. NOT a replacement of diagnosis, treatment, therapy, medicines, imaging, and services provided by licensed medical professionals or healthcare workers.

  2. NOT a learning that requires any specific skill, background, belief, knowledge, experience, education, or prior training.

  3. NOT a healing practice specific to any location, region, religion, gender, belief, association, or era.

  4. NOT a magical or dark/black energy practice.

  5. NOT a physically invasive and/or manipulative process, technique, or practice.

  6. NOT a religion, faith, denomination, dogma, doctrine, or such practices.

  7. NOT a 'free healing' service, just because the cosmic energy is 'free'.

  8. NOT a healing that can be "forced upon" against one's 'free will' (though it is totally om for one to not believe in it and still receive it).

    • Note: In the emergency situations, though, it can be given or sent with the consent of the recipient’s loved ones OR higher being.

  9. NOT an absolute guarantee to cure, treat, or heal conditions, illnesses, diseases, sicknesses, etc.

  10. NOT the energy that will go away after some time if not practiced for a while by an attuned Reiki practitioner.

Contact us today to get more information and insights about any of the above, or, if you have come across additional myths and concerns that you would like to clarify about what Reiki is and isn't.