Frequently Asked Questions

We share below some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our clients and site visitors in no specific order of importance or priority. We hope they provide you the information and insights that may well serve your information needs and interests. Do visit this page frequently as we may add more FAQs depending on how frequently we receive them.

Contact us today if you have an important question that is not answered below or elsewhere on the other pages of this site. Thank you!

  1. How does Reiki work ?

Please visit our specific page 'How Does Reiki Work?' on this site for more information related to this question.

2. Do I have to believe in Reiki for it to benefit, treat, or heal me ?

A short answer is, 'no'. You don't have to believe in Reiki to benefit from it because it is not based on a specific 'belief system' of the receivers. However, it is important that you are 'willing' to accept Reiki energy for your treatment, healing, etc. as it can't be forced upon against one's 'free will'.

An exception to this is an 'emergency' situation where the recipient may be unable to give consent to receive Reiki energy. In such a situation, someone from the recipient's close family, his/her loved one or legally authorized representative, or his/her higher being's permission may be sought by the practitioner.

3. What (or, how) do I feel while receiving Reiki?

Different people feel and experience differently while receiving Reiki energy during a treatment session, whether in -person or distantly. While many recipients feel the gentle warmth of the Reiki energy emitting from the practitioner's hands (and as a result, actually being able to track the movement of their hands over their body), some feel specific sensations such as cold spots, hot spots, tingling, etc. on specific parts of their body, or smell or taste something specific, or see specific colors or specific images including their deities or angels, or in rare cases feeling of having someone near or around them.

After the Reiki treatment session is over, occasionally a recipient may feel an urge to urinate or may even experience a change in the color and smell of their urine or bowel movement.

These feelings, sensations, and experiences are almost always short-lived and typically go away after the Reiki session ends. If they continue in an unusual scenario, you should inform the Reiki practitioner as soon as possible for him / her to address them as needed.

On the other hand, one may not feel or experience anything different or particular, or, something completely different than the short list above. And that is absolutely ok, too!

The point to note and remember is that you should not go into a Reiki treatment session assuming or expecting any specific feeling, sensation, or experience. Just relax while receiving the healing Reiki energy and enjoy the experience!

4. Is there any age limit to receive Reiki treatment / healing?

No, there's no age limit (both, minimum and maximum) to receive Reiki treatment and healing. Reiki is pure, gentle, healing energy and may benefit one and all from all ages, backgrounds, and health conditions.

As always, Reiki must be used as a 'complementary' healing modality together with any medical treatment, therapy, diagnosis, medication, etc. and, as the best practice, it is always recommended to make your primary healthcare professional aware of your Reiki treatment.

5. Do I have to be in-person to receive Reiki?

No, you don't have to be in-person to receive Reiki if your Reiki practitioner is attuned at level 2 and above. At and above level 2, they are trained and equipped to send distance Reiki to you without any limitation of time and space (distance).

Feel free to review our special page 'Levels of Usui Reiki' to get more information about different levels of Reiki practitioners and their healing capabilities.

6. Is it covered by medical insurance in the USA ?

To the best of our knowledge, at present, Reiki treatment is NOT covered by health insurances in the USA. However, the benefits (both, tangible and intangible) received by a recipient may help him / her afford the currently out-of-pocket cost of receiving Reiki treatment.

Feel free to review our special pages 'Reiki - Applications and Benefits ' and 'Reiki in Healthcare ' to get more information about different applications, benefits, and usage of Reiki.

7. Can I learn Reiki and heal myself and my loved ones ?

Absolutely! In fact, that should be your primary reason to 'learn' Reiki and become a Reiki practitioner of your own so that you can do a daily self-healing of yourself and then help your loved ones, family, and friends when they need Reiki treatment and healing. This is certainly the best way to benefit all that Reiki has to offer as an energy healing modality.

8. How difficult is it to learn Reiki ?

Reiki, at its most basic level, is primarily based on simply laying one's hands wherever a treatment or healing is needed, and therefore, it is very simple to learn especially at level 1 to begin your own daily self-healing and that of your loved ones, family, and friends. Anyone who can basically speak, read, and write can learn Reiki.

After practicing level 1 for a while, Level 2 and onwards can become simpler learning experiences than what they may feel like by the information on our page ''Levels of Usui Reiki'.

The youngest Reiki level 1 and level 2 practitioners we have personally known are a 6 years old boy and a 9 years old girl, respectively.

Contact us today if you have a specific learning needs at a given Reiki level of practice and to learn more about how we can customize your Reiki learning experience tailored for your individual needs.

9. How to benefit the most from Reiki after learning it ?

The best way to benefit the most from Reiki after learning it is to start practicing level specific learning immediately after being attuned to any level. Additionally, and as the best practice, do your own full body self-healing for at least 21 continuous days.

Doing so will not only help you cleanse your 'energy system' and properly flow and distribute the energies within your energy system, but will also make you proficient in applying the level specific skills and capabilities to benefit the most from them in terms of the effectiveness of your Reiki treatment and healing, personally or professionally.

Next, consider volunteering at your Reiki Master Teacher's next Reiki teaching seminar, or join his / her Reiki share sessions (if he / she is offering one), or join a local volunteer group of Reiki practitioners to enhance both, your learning as well practicing of Reiki in an environment catering to a variety of needs.

Also, make sure to always stay in contact and communicate with your Reiki Master (Teacher) and any group learning opportunities (such as Facebook page, WhatsApp group, etc.) to deepen your learning and experiences with the help of their support and guidance.

At an advanced level practitioner, consider joining a professional association of your choice for Reiki practitioners and reading some Reiki related books and research articles to stay in touch with the latest updates and insights from the highly advanced and professional Reiki Masters and Grand Masters.

10. Who all can receive or benefit from Reiki ?

Since all animate and inanimate objects and things are made of 'matter' and all matters are 'energy', they all can benefit from receiving Reiki energy. In other words and simply put, all human beings, pets and other animals, plants, and objects can benefit from receiving Reiki energy.

At an advanced level of Reiki practice, the events, emotions, feelings, and even thoughts can benefit from receiving Reiki energy.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about this by becoming a Reiki practitioner at a given level and visit our page to learn more about Levels of Usui Reiki.

11. Will Reiki treatment interfere with my religious belief or values ?

This is one of the most important and frequently asked questions. With our utmost respect to all religions, faiths, and belief systems, the answer is a simple 'no'!

At its core and as explained in our special page 'What is Reiki?', it is universal life force energy and thus the purest and most soothing form of energy that we all not only have to begin with, but we are always (and will always be) surrounded with, being an entity in (or an object of) our universe. So, in a way, this is the most original and prolific association we already have with the Reiki energy to begin with.

Next, learning, teaching, and practicing Reiki has no specific religious teaching, set of beliefs and values, associations and gatherings, congregations and dress codes, podiums and pulpits, sermons and gospel, and so forth. There's no religious dogma, doctrine, or discourse involved as well. In its purest and the most traditional form of practicing, Usui Reiki doesn't need or work with any spirits, angels, entities, or beings and instead, invokes only the purest form of white energy called 'universal life force energy'.

It sure has a strong foundation of personal meditative practices in its deeper aspects, but in today's world meditation has been universally accepted and appreciated as a technique to achieve many health benefits and is increasingly getting a nod even by the medical science and taught in the communities all over the world.

Finally, 'healing by touch' is nothing new to us. It has been practicing and benefiting from it - knowingly or instinctively - for thousands of years. From what we understand, Jesus healed by touch, we instinctively touch the areas of our body that are in discomfort to soothe them, a mother touches her baby affectionately or while in pain to help ease it, we touch and pet our pets for the same reasons, and so on. The examples may be all around us to explore for ourselves!

12. Does a Reiki practitioner have to be licensed, registered, certified, and/or insured ?

This question begs some legal expertise. Speaking for only the USA, each state (and county and even local township or city) may have its own licensing, registration, certification, and/or insurance coverage requirements for one to start a professional Reiki practice. We strongly recommend you to check with your respective authorities and/or their official website(s) related to the licensing, registration, certification, and/or insurance requirements, if any, and fully comply with them - always!

At The Reiki Expert™ , we are fully committed to follow and comply with all such requirements. We are certified in all the Reiki styles that we professionally practice, the traditional Usui Reiki at the center of them all. We are registered with the county and city governments where we practice and are also fully insured for the safety, security, and peace of mind of both, our clients and our staff.

13. How can we reschedule or cancel our already scheduled appointment?

We fully understand that unexpected situations and unforeseen circumstances may require you to reschedule or even cancel an already scheduled appointment. To reschedule or cancel any of your scheduled appointment, you must call us at +1 (630) 708-2426 to discuss and address your need. Without our prior approval, any rescheduling or cancelling or refunding request, effort, or activity on your own will be invalid. Also, appointments rescheduled or cancelled unilaterally and without our prior approval before 48 hours and 24 hours of scheduled date/time will not be valid for refund and will be charged at 25% and 50% respectively. Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation, and support!