Welcome to The Reiki Expert™


Welcome to The Reiki Expert™ for your BALANCED HEALTH, ENERGIZED NATURALLY®

As you are well aware, Reiki healing has already established itself as one of the most leading and fastest growing energy healing modality. Medical science and the healthcare world in general know and refer to it as Energy Medicine or EM, Integrative Medicine or IM, and/or Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM.

We have created this site with two key objectives in mind: (1) briefly introduce you to the basic information on various aspects of Reiki, and then more importantly (2) offer you several healing options that primarily include Reiki and sometimes also include additional healing modalities integrated with Reiki healing.

Our attempt has been to keep the information very basic, very simple, and very easy to understand without any background or prior experience of the energy healing field in general (and Reiki healing in particular) yet interesting enough for you to feel sufficiently well-informed and educated to be able to make Reiki healing as an integral part of your overall healing, therapeutic, and/or well-being regimen and book your next healing session with us by clicking here.

We have certified training and years of collective hands-on experience in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Medical Reiki™, and Seven Rays (Rainbow) Reiki to help with you with your healing and well-being needs of all kinds, ranging from relaxation and stress reduction to complex pain management (chronic or post surgical) to chemotherapy support and reduction of its serious side effects. Contact us today to learn more about our services and packages that suit your needs.

As a special service to inform and educate you on detailed aspects and specific applications of Reiki, we have also shared with you some reference information on applicable pages of this site. Please feel free to explore it based on your interests and needs.

The content and information on this site are based on our learning and practicing of Reiki. We welcome your feedback or suggestions here to make your visit to this site a more informative, enriching, friendly, and rewarding experience. Also, please make sure to visit our testimonials page to see what the others have to share about our services.

Thank you again in advance for trusting us with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual treatment, healing, and well-being needs. We are here and eager, ready and committed to fulfilling your Reiki treatment and healing needs with unmatched quality, comfort, and care. We are totally committed to fulfilling your Reiki treatment, healing, and well-being needs in-person, whether (1) in the comfort and convenience of your home, (2) in our dedicated healing space that is energetically cleansed and specially charged like a spiritual spa, or (3) at an outpatient location or hospital in the Chicagoland area, OR, via sending distance Reiki healing if you are located outside of the Chicagoland area. We offer traditional Usui Reiki healing as a stand alone healing modality as well as a multi-modal healing by incorporating additional healing modalities within it. Contact us today for your next Reiki related needs!

Lastly, below are some glimpses of our dedicated healing space, hope you enjoy them!

With love, light, and Reiki for the best of your health, happiness, peace, and prosperity!

- Rakshak, "The Reiki Expert"