Usui REIKI Training

At The Reiki Expert™, we teach Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition which means Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.

Below is a very high-level summary of the 'collection of topics' taught in each level of Reiki course. Each collection of topic covers multiple sub-topics that are related to and grouped for that specific collection.

Each training includes its level specific manual and an attunement. A unique certificate confirming your attunement level is generally accompanied by and follows a full and successful completion of the entire training curriculum and the knowledge to effectively practice Reiki at that specific level.

  • It is critical to note that both a successful completion of a given course and its subsequent attunement are required to receive its level-specific attunement certificate.

Reiki attunements for all levels, once received, are good for lifetime and one does NOT need to be re-attuned for the same level of attunement once received. Similarly, one doesn't "lose" his or her ability to channel Reiki energy. However, as in almost any healing modality, one's ability to effectively channel Reiki energy depends to some extent on his/her daily practice, personal habits, and self-development.

We also provide distance training and attunement while using the same manual and training curriculum that we use in an in-person training and attunement. This is to ensure people with all the walks of life, lifestyle, locations, and abilities can learn Reiki at their convenience and pace and enjoy its benefits.

To get more specific information about the curriculum, charges, and duration and/or to schedule a Reiki training session, please contact us.

Reiki Level 1: A collection of topics taught at this level include:

  1. Introduction to Reiki, its history, how does it work.

  2. The five principles of Usui Reiki and preparing for Reiki.

  3. Anatomical illustrations for Reiki.

  4. Reiki self-treatment, how to prepare yourself and give Reiki to yourself.

  5. Reiki self-healing hand positions.

  6. Preparing others for Reiki and treating others with Reiki.

  7. Rapid Reiki treatment and ultradian rhythm.

  8. Giving group Reiki.

  9. Reiki, pregnancy, babies, and children.

  10. Reiki to animals, plants and vegetation, foods, and drinks.

Reiki Level 2: A collection of topics taught at this level include:

  1. Three pillars of Reiki and new possibilities of using Reiki at level 2.

  2. Three secret and sacred Reiki symbols and how and when to draw and use them.

  3. Distance or absent healing (i.e., without limitations of time and distance) and various methods to use them.

  4. Combining Reiki with other healing disciplines and modalities.

  5. Summary of chakras and five hands-on experiential demonstrations.

  6. Thirty-one special tips to become the most effective Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP) and a healer.

Reiki Level 3a (also called Reiki Master Healer or RMH): A collection of topics taught at this level include:

  1. The Usui Master symbol (DKM) and its application

  2. Non-Usui special symbols and their application

  3. Chakra meditation and minor etheric chakras

  4. Karmic clearance and magnificent healing

  5. The essence of psychic surgery

  6. Healing of and protection from psychic attack

  7. The occult science of the "Third-eye"

  8. Aura, its various colors, and numerology

  9. The chakras character, the body zones and related systems

Reiki Level 3b (also called Reiki Master Teacher or RMT): A collection of topics taught at this level include the following AND the Karuna Reiki levels 1, 2, Master 1 and Master 2.

  1. Karuna Reiki - symbols for all four levels and their application

  2. Hui-Yin point, kundalini raising, and violet breath

  3. Using Hui-Yin in a Reiki attunement

  4. Reiki initiation preparation for attunements

  5. Full process of attunement for various Usui and Karuna Reiki levels

  6. Healing attunement

  7. Daily Master meditation

  8. Self, distant, and practice attunements

  9. Code of conduct for Usui Reiki Masters

  10. Values that bring success to all levels

  11. Exploration of ancient origins of Reiki

  12. Your Reiki Master lineage chart

Reiki Level 4 (also called Reiki Grand Master or GM): A collection of topics taught at this level include the following:

  1. Science of symbology

  2. Science of attunement

  3. Master Grid

  4. Science of Trataka

  5. Reiki Level 3b (RMT) attunement

  6. Additional Reiki Grand Master level (Three) symbols

Please read carefully the information in the Reiki seminar flyer below and then using that information, fill in the "TRE - Student Registration Form" below to register for a given single or bundled Reiki learning seminar. Call The Reiki Expert at 630-932-4115 if you have any questions or needed additional information or help with the registration process. Thank you and see you there in the seminar!

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