Reiki With 'Other' Modalities

Reiki treatment may sometimes be mixed or 'bundled' with other therapeutic, treatment, and healing modalities. Below is a brief summary of some common but non-Reiki healing modalities that may be used with Reiki energy in a 'multi-modal' treatment and healing session.

To the best of our knowledge, none of these are part of a pure and traditional Usui Reiki treatment and healing as originally taught by Sensei Usui. That said, a highly advanced and well trained Reiki practitioner may 'construct' (or, customize) your Reiki treatment and healing session as a 'multi-modal' one for specific reasons and benefits he/she feels are applicable to a given client.

As the best practice, your Reiki practitioner should inform and educate you ahead of time (i.e. prior to starting your treatment) if he/she sees a need of bundling any of the below modalities with your Reiki treatment and healing session and discuss with you how it will be used, and even more importantly, how it will improve the outcome of your treatment and healing session(s) and thus serve the best of your healing needs, interests, and outcomes.

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Reiki and Chakras

Though not specifically part of traditional or pure Usui Reiki healing systems, chakra healing is very important for Reiki healing practice and benefits. This is simply because all the 7 chakras are not only interrelated with one another, but they are individually and collectively related to the rest of our energy system components such as 7 bio-magnetic layers or auras (each extending out further away from our physical body), 7 glands of our body's endocrine system, 7 nerve centers known as plexus, and 12 principal meridians that carry and flow our 'energy' analogous to how arteries and veins carry and flow the blood in our physical body's circulatory system.

As summarized on our page 'How Does Reiki Work?', Reiki as a 'healing universal life force energy' flows to and across all these components of our energy system to keep the energy flow optimally cleared and balanced. So, the chakras are deemed to be at the center of making this happen.

Additionally, each chakra has its own symbol, color, mantra, sound frequency, musical note, element, crystal/stone, essential oil, related gland, related nerve plexus, etc.

Here are a couple of links that provide good summary information about 7 chakras. To be clear, we have absolutely no specific interest or gains of any kind from anyone by sharing these links. They are just two of the hundreds of similar sites you can search and review on your own.

  1. The Chakras - A Brief Overview

  2. The Neurophysiology of Chakras

We, at The Reiki Expert™, conduct our clients' energy scan by hand and/or by Dowsers to evaluate the health of your chakras and then open, cleanse, energize, and balance them as needed. In doing so, we may also use various techniques and processes including Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingsha (as summarized below in the Reiki and Sounds section).

Reiki and Auras

In the simplest sense, Auras are the bio-magnetic energy layers surrounding our physical body. There's one aura that is connected to and represents a specific chakra and thus, there are seven energy layers or auras that are beyond our physical body but invisible to our naked eyes. In its pure state, each aura represents a specific color which may dilute depending on different types and extent of blockages in that aura.

Technology such as 'Kirlian photography' captures one's aura in the form of various color combinations around one's physical body and takes a picture of these color combinations. These pictures can be printed just like pictures taken from our cell phones, cameras, etc. Decoding these colors, a very specialized skill and a process that is also called 'Aura reading', gives a good indication and explanation of the blockages that need to be removed to restore an optimal auric health. Pictures taken during and after Reiki treatment shows alteration and improvement of the colors of different auras, thus proving the healing benefits of Reiki treatment.

We, at The Reiki Expert™, use various techniques, processes, and mechanisms (such as cupping, combing, smoothening, guided meditations, creative visualizations, etc. as needed) in addition to or in combination with the pure Reiki energy to help improve/remove these blockages for an optimal energy flow in the body and across auras, chakras, meridians, etc. and in turn, develop an optimal and balanced health and well-being of the recipient.

Reiki and Crystals

Use of precious and semi-precious crystals is prevalent since ancient cultures around the world in religious, spiritual, and holistic healing rituals and practices including cleansing and purification.

Our cells, tissues, structures, and organs of the body have specific vibrational frequencies for their optimal functioning and state of health. If they vibrate at a frequency that is resonant to these frequencies, they are in a happy and healthy state. However, if they vibrate at dissonance frequencies, their performance and health deteriorate which, in turn, damage them and adversely affect their bodily functions.

Crystals' ability to vibrate at uniquely specific frequencies together with their specific crystalline structure allow them to absorb, transform, transmit, direct, magnify, transmute, and reflect specific energies. Reiki practitioners who are also trained in crystal healing take advantage of these properties of crystal and use specific crystals for specific chakras, organs, or health conditions and leverage it along with the vibrational energy of Reiki itself to repair, strengthen, and harmonize the frequencies of our body's cells, tissues, structures, and organs and thus restore their bodily functional health and performance.

We, at The Reiki Expert™, use various crystals and crystal grids (strategically placed crystals on a specific geometric shape to absorb negative energies and then create, magnify, and direct the positive energies through their vibrations) on, around, and under the client's body to aid into and expedite their healing.

Reiki and Sounds

Science has proved that matter is energy and therefore as mentioned above, every cell, tissue, structure, and organ of our body - all of which are 'matters', also have a frequency of their own which create certain energy of their own. When those energies' balance is disturbed due to less than optimal performance of those 'matters' as a result of physical, mental, or emotional causes, illnesses, diseases, and overall loss of well-being occur in the body.

A highly advanced Reiki practitioner who is also trained in using 'sounds for healing' leverages the frequencies of external sounds to create a resonance of the frequencies of the ill or sick cells, tissues, structures, and organs and thus, restore and improve their physical health and performance.

We, at The Reiki Expert™, use customized and professionally made 'Tibetan Singing Bowls' as a source of generating healing sounds with specific frequencies for each chakra. These handmade bowls are made of seven metals with varying sizes and thicknesses to generate a specific musical note that is tuned at a specific frequency that is resonant to each of the seven chakras (e.g. notes C for Root Chakra, D for Sacral Chakra, E for Solar Plexus Chakra, F for Heart Chakra, G for Throat Chakra, A for Third-Eye Chakra, and B for Crown Chakra). These singing bowls can be placed on or near specific locations of the client's body. Striking these bowls in a specific way with specific striking force at a specific location generates multiple harmonics of the sound that is suitable for a specific chakra which then gets healed and in turn helps optimize the energy flow to its related aura, endocrine gland, nerve plexus, meridian(s), etc. thus enhancing the overall healing of the client.

Reiki and Colors

Color therapy, or Chromotherapy, is a method of treating diseases, sicknesses, and health conditions by using various colors of the color spectrum. Like sound therapy, it is also generally offered and practiced as a form of complementary, holistic, and non-invasive therapy offered with a primary objective to develop, establish, or regain the overall balance and health of one's body, mind, and emotions (e.g. mood). There are different ways to treat the patient with the color therapy such as shining an appropriate color of light on the affected area of the body, reflecting those lights on our eye's retina, wearing the clothes of specific colors, pointing colored beams on very small areas on the body (similar to acupressure), painting walls of specific treatment rooms with specific colors, and so on.

Light, as we call energy, is made of various colors as in a color spectrum. Each 'colored light' is actually an electromagnetic wave and has its own frequency and wavelength which are generally measured in hertz and nanometers respectively. They vary for each light depending on where it fits in the color spectrum. When we 'see' these lights (or, colors), our brain identifies their frequencies (or, electrical impulses) and accordingly, in turn, affects different parts, organs, structures, tissues, etc. by stimulating various biochemical processes at the cellular level within the body. This stimulation is what is believed to create specific effects such as calming, energizing, etc. in our body and thus providing the intended therapeutic benefits - for example, mood and energy level enhancement, creating excitement, affecting appetite and blood pressure, sensation and tolerance of pain, enhancement of a specific organ's functioning, etc.

It is very important to note that each of the seven chakras (energy centers or energy vortexes) have their own specific color ranging from the Red color for the Root chakra (the first chakra) to the violet color for the Crown chakra (the seventh chakra). A strong and bright color sensation indicates a balanced and healthy chakra while a weak and dull color indicates the vice versa. Visit our page 'How Does Reiki Work?' to learn more about chakras.

We, at The Reiki Expert™, use color therapy as part of our multi-modal healing session by telepathically applying various colors (or, the beams colors) to various chakras, organs, structures, etc. depending on (1) initially noting the current physical conditions of our client during the intake process, and then primarily by (2) energy scans of the body and chakras, (3) dowsing techniques - if needed, and (4) real-time intuitive healing guidance during Reiki treatment session. Often, we also recommend our clients various color specific things/activities depending on their comfort, convenience, and ability. However, we refrain from suggesting, selling, or requiring our clients to wear specific stones, minerals, etc.

Aside from the color therapy's inclusion as part of multi-modal Reiki treatment, if you interested in learning more about just color therapy (or, Chromotherapy) alone, you can click on is nice medical article: A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Reiki and Other 'Therapeutic' Modalities

The first 5 of the total 6 therapeutic and treatment modalities below are based on the 'hypnotherapy' related practices. Please note this list is provided only for your general information and awareness and NOT as any type or form of guidance, practice, or promotion at or by The Reiki Expert™ .

Inclusion of any of the below modalities in your 'multi-modal Reiki treatment and healing session' may require your Reiki practitioner to have specific and specialized training/certification/license to practice them depending on the local healthcare related laws and governance. Also, and as a best practice, you should always be aware/informed in advance if your Reiki practitioner is planning or going to include any of the below in your Reiki healing session.

  1. Hypnotherapy.

  2. Age Regression Therapy (RT).

  3. Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

  4. Between Life Therapy (BLT).

  5. Future Life Progression Therapy (FLPT).

  6. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

We, at The Reiki Expert™, currently do NOT use any of these six "therapeutic' modalities in any form, shape, or way in any of our treatments and healing sessions. Again, the above summary in this section is shared only for your general awareness and information.